The Big Payback

  • 01

    Goal Digger


    Verse 1

    Executing my plans before you even know it
    yeah i move in silence, the truck is here maaan load it
    moment of silence, somebody is dead that's why
    they get quiet, she's a go getter always on
    my pockets,f#ck two b#tches at once that an't
    a problem

    You wanna get with this?, you wanna get with that?
    you wanna roll the dice?,okay let'ts put it high
    broke nikkaz no-no, i'm going after what's mine
    no back up i'm solo

    I don't need nobody i got this by my self
    take that sh#t somewhere else
    killing to get respect,man people
    need help


    Oooh no gold digger, i'm a gaol digger
    put it in the mix they say i'm
    so real with it, yeah i score
    with it
    lalalalalala yeah

    Verse 2

    You want freedom or fame
    some people die tryna make it
    to the hall of fame

    fighting over the same pie
    i'm busy with the crumbs
    my sh#t is dope so they stole
    my book of rhymes

    but an't stoping, i'm still pushing
    i'm still kicking

    I'm the Mpumalanga King
    i know it, you know it, they know it
    even God knows it, Oooh i'm the sh#t
    dj jacqueline busy f#cking up the beat
    my merch taking over the street
    thats more money, when you tired of
    your man just give me a call honey
    R.I.P criss lighty

    Legends don't die, christians don't lie
    i don't know about that, all this cash
    around me, i don't check the price
    kill that,bag that, can you step aside
    shout out to City Lights
    doing what we love, we just doing what we like
    keep selling i know some people will buy
    smoking weed tryna get by ahh don't let it slide
    thats your life, you want it, go get it

    B.I.G T

  • 02




    Can't get enough, i want more
    They settle for less, i want more
    More cash, More cars, More clothes
    More hoes


    She be acting like she bought that
    face down a** up and i hit that

    Real nikkaz on the low
    speed that sh*t im on the go
    i'm tryna get more

    Maybe starting my own business
    killling rappers God is my witness
    i'm on everything like hot sauce
    and i bossed up like Rick Ross

    Work hard play hard, born in a
    holy place we pray hard.i'm all about the grind
    i'm all about the hustle.If you an't talking money
    f**k it i see you later, i'll toss you aside like
    yesterday's paper.Like a secretary im all about
    my paper, go kill yourself like Hannah baker.

    I'm tryna rule the world, she don't understand
    wanna find me?, locate me on the map.

    Verse 2

    Hustle hard like i got something to prove
    now i'm hear spitting real sh*t on the booth
    no lie only facts and the truth.

    If it an't making money, switch the play
    internal,external they know i slay
    if you take a break they gonna take your place
    keep this sh*t right here and keep getting paid.

  • 03

    Boring Stuff



    Yes B.I.G T


    I just wanna skip this boring stuff
    i don't want relationship
    i just wanna f#ck
    skip the planning, let's get drunk
    let's have fun let's go for a ride

    skip the boring stuff

    (yeah) boring stuff
    I just wanna i just wanna skip, this boring stuff

    boring stuff

    Verse 1

    Shut up about it, don't you see we done about it
    Levels on this sh#t like Mario
    i got money on me like Rhino
    i be on that money like Mandela
    you nikkaz talk a lot like Julius Malema
    i make it rain you gonna need an umbrella

    Fake or Real, you never know
    you wanna talk i wanna do this sh#t
    and let it die slow
    Wasting time hating on me
    i doin't care how y'all rate me
    i got pistol on me, if you wanna
    talk cheap don't bother talking to me

    An't no competition you see i got
    So get used to it
    yeah i do this sh#t
    yeah i'm the king
    i'll f#ck your b#tch
    why you talking to me man?, she's the b#tch

    I'm a rich nikka, so she wanna get rich
    she don't want relationship,she want money
    he don't want the job,he want the money
    skip the speech le'ts party

    She don't wanna get pregnant she want the child
    skip the que and get the pie
    skip,skip,skip,skip this is the one i like

    Boring stuff, talking about old sh#t old stuff
    skip this dinner stuff le'ts f#ck
    check your navigator,there's a shortcut
    she's beautiful and all but she an't your type
    i an't giving out details man she an't your type

    I'm so BLF hommie
    my name is on it, yeah i own it
    just shake the tree and see what falls up
    acting like kids y'all need to grow up

  • 04

    Let Us Say Grace



    I gotta thank God for this food Maaaaan
    (Let us say grace) x2
    my crew doing good maaaaaan
    (Let us say grace) x2
    they never break the rules maaaaan
    (Let us give thanks)
    is food on the table manikka


    Let us say grace, i can paint a picture
    on the wall just give me paint

    you know what what i say
    when the ask me "how was your day?
    i say grace

    Blue painted sky, lucky stars that shine
    even if i don't trust you, i'll just go
    for the ride.I got my God with me
    he never let me down, smoke weed and
    get high.I don't do it to get by
    i'm stimulating my mind
    (Any day above ground it's a blessing)

    Verse 2

    Go in grace, don't be afraid
    leave the dark days behind
    and keep getting paid

    You can start today, is never too late
    let us say grace, let us give thanks

    We do this sh*t over here, take that
    sh*t over there.The sh*t i got is kind of rare
    i only f**k with rap, that Big-T merch is
    in demand.The guys you hang around with
    they be into man

    Take that sh*t some where else
    we keep getting paid hear and saying thanks
    while you catching z's im taking over
    while you getting ready is game over

    Hold up, hold up drunk asf
    but acting sober.i'm so high
    like a bird in the sky on that
    air plane feeling high
    (we don't hide)

  • 05

    I Never Thought



    I never thought you hate me
    all this love you been showing me
    (i never thought,i never thought)
    i never thought you love me
    all this hating you been showing me
    (i never thought, i never thought)
    Ooh yeah

    Verse 1

    Sh#t never cross my mind
    when you around me, you always on a smile
    when i post some sh#t on my gram you the
    first to like,we argue all the time
    conversations end with words like 'its fine'
    is that yours or mine?

    We laugh about it, we cry about it

    i thought it was all love
    pretending to my face i thought you were kind of shy
    advice to my nikkaz be carefull about the quiet ones

    Nikkaz be scheming, b#tches be tripping
    words and actions be saying a defferent things
    "nikka you poping","baby i love you" all that type of sh#t
    but i see it in your eyes, you be telling lies
    i'm about to shoot a movie and you an't acting right

    i had to say bye X2

    Verse 2

    Sh#t never cross my mind
    i dropped my merch you look the other way
    next day, asking for a pare
    switching up sh#t, acting like a square
    if you cross me i'll make sure you go to church

    Bless Bless!!!

    Even if they hating soon they gonna love me back
    don't worry about that sh#t ama get it back

    She be throwing shade at me but she said she love me
    we don't talk this days but he said he fucks with me
    s/o to the nikka that showed me they not with me
    they say they hate me, but everytime i'm on the the
    stage they be poping

    Lovers want me on the throne, haters want me to go
    but i an't going anywhere i'm still getting more
    i an't going anywhere i'm giving my people hope
    only a few of us left a lot be smoking dope

    Sticking to what i know, she's independant
    yeah she got her own,he still tryna get it
    always on the road,what's the rush about
    get rich slow,like that water fall i still
    got flow,i'm just doing me yeah i'm in my

    Sh#t used to be physical now its emotional
    and most of the time it doesn't feeel right
    good or bad they talk all night