Projects: Mix Tape

  • 01

    City Lights


    City lights
    My future so bright
    Put Some Shades on going down tonight


    Its Big-T manikka
    Play Big manikka or go home manikka
    Chilling with my goons sipping everyday manikka.
    Nikkaz never gonna change make a way manikka.
    Turn around and hit books everyday manikka.
    Nikkaz tryna act cool smoking weed manikka.
    Fuck around with bad bitch, got a nikka losing hope

    Real love..real talk..let that bullshit walk.
    I know the road is long but u not alone
    God said I'll protect u
    I'll be around just like a cycle
    Putting work everyday
    Hustle hard like ace hood
    Now I'm on hollywood
    Giving back to my hood
    Shit looking pretty I'm the king of the city.

    I got a hoe saying ooh DAT nikka is getting more Os in his bank account
    U wanna get with this can u drop it down

    Ooh turn around lemme see that Ass
    Them nikkaz are crazy girl u better watch Out
    Theyll give u a baby and they jump out


    I still got it in my body like heart beat
    I was playing around now the love is real

    Lemme bust it like a babol
    I was built for this ,and if they trip ama kill this.
    People think this shit came over night
    Take this broken wings and learn to fly
    Ooh they mad I must b doing something right
    And yeah I can put u on overnight.

    White people on the right track but still try'na live black
    Now back bringing more fire like I'm mack. Now its all hands deck
    Getting all this racks.

  • 02

    Back Where I Started


  • 03

    Old Stuff


  • 04

    That Kind of Love Remix


  • 05

    What I want


  • 06

    Only Real Niggers


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